Coach, Athletic & Skill Development

​Jordan Cassidy has worked with a variety of individuals since September 2013 (first coaching experience), from Ireland, to Hong Kong, to the UK, and now Australia. Working in sport - at a development or high performance level - coaches and sports scientists are constantly navigating the Capacity - Skill continuum

It's not all about building physical capacities. It's not all about developing motor skills. Only developing one or the other is limiting. It is important that coaches, are able to move along the continuum in either direction, depending on the needs of athletes. 

My posts are mostly based on my experiences working in sport, centering on my application of sports science when developing coaches, athletes and skilled performers.


Coach, Athletic and Skill Development Consultancy

For coaches at sports clubs or teachers at schools looking to enhance their athletic development provision for their teams or classes.

Program design; Long and Medium Term Planning; Athletic Development Education; Session Design.

See below for some of my work with coaching staff.

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Online Coaching

For individuals wanting to enhance their quality of day-to-day life, or improve their performance in their sport. 2 options:

Exercise for Health (Cardiovascular Endurance; Fat Loss; Muscular Strength & Endurance; Physical Literacy)

Training for Performance (Speed; Agility; Strength; Power; Energy System Development; Mobility)