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Skilled Athleticism

Coach Development / Athlete Development / Skill Development

How can you best support your players' learning?

How can you develop skillful performers?

What do you do when mistakes happen?

Are performance and enjoyment mutually exclusive?

What makes an effective coach?

How can you optimally challenge your players?

Are you empowering your players to take ownership of their learning?

​Jordan Cassidy (MSc) has worked across the globe since September 2013, from Ireland, to Hong Kong, to the UK, and now in Brisbane, Australia. He is currently conducting research in skill acquisition and coaching at Queensland University of Technology, while working as a coach developer for clubs and schools in Brisbane.

Working in sport, at a development or high performance level, coaches and sports scientists are constantly navigating the Capacity - Skill continuum. It's not all about building physical capacities. It's not all about developing motor skills. Only developing one or the other is limiting, and context is critical for any given training session or training task. Therefore, it is important that coaches are able to move along the continuum in either direction, depending on the needs of their athletes.

Jordan's work is aimed at supporting coaches to best support their players and athletes. Specifically, encourage reflective practice and provide feedback on:

- Empowering players within training
- Coaching behaviours within a session
- Training session and training block design

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